Slate Sign

A small test-piece to see how white paintslate_stig_sign
looks on reclaimed slate tiles.  Looks good.
Slate tiles are a natural inert material that
are often used for as a roof covering.
When a house is re-roofed or has solar
panels installed in an integrated way
(rather than on top) spare slates are often
thrown away.  These are sometimes broken
but are often just big enough to use to
make small signs.  Using slate saves this
beautiful material from ending up in

I recently bought a set of brush-tipped inky
permanent markers, called POSCA pens.
They seem to be quite permanent and are
very easy to use with speed.  It takes a while
for the ink to flow into the brush bit, but
once it’s there, they work very well.

Slate can be sawn and cut with hack-saws
or grinders.  You can also drill holes into
them to hang them on nails or ropes.
And, such painted signs can be reused by
simply sanding off the old paint.

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