Act Global – Eat Local: A Food Directory for Oxford


I was thrilled when I heard about this project, and delighted to help by designing this A5 booklet.  Above is the covers spread of the 28-page pocket-size booklet that lists nearly 100 local food suppliers near Oxford.  It’s a great little booklet – perfect for the considerate shopper who wants to reduce the carbon-footprint of their food shopping.  A small print-run was just completed to assess interest and get feedback.  We hope to shortly print over a thousand, and sell them through various shops, groups and CAGs.  The key data from the booklet was researched and collected by Benedict Vanheems and is summarised on the LCON website here: Oxford Local Food Suppliers.  Each entry is listed with the distance from Oxford so the booklet is also a great resource for hungry cyclists – I plan to visit many of these farm shops and orchards over the next few months using this guide to plan my journeys.

“Despite eating more than ever before,
 our culture may be the only one in
 human history to value food so little.”
Alisa Smith – Plenty: One Man, One Woman,
and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally 2007

At a recent talk professor David Mackay suggested that if we drastically reduced our meat consumption, and re-forested much of the land that grows the fodder for those animals, we could begin to reverse climate change.  Globally, over half of all food crops are fed to livestock – this is insane when over a billion people are hungry every day.  I hope this little booklet can help us all reduce our ‘carbon hoofprint’.

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