I love dragons!

For me, dragons are symbolic of the power of nature, reminding me how fragile and vulnerable our species is.  They appear in many cultures around the world, and their origin could be traced to early man occasionally finding the bones or fossils of very large and long creatures that no longer seemed to be around.  I also like the curves, colours and shapes that are often found in dragon imagery.

Here are some of the drawings I have been priveleged to make of dragons over the years:

gold dragon 2009

Gold Dragon, painted with acrylic paint on a sheet of upholstery cloth in 2009


Dragon Shtiggle, sketched with oil pastels and black-filled on a computer, in 2007

Gold Ultra-violet Dragon

Gold ultra-violet Dragon, painted on the four walls (and three doors(, the ceilling and the floor, of a very small black room in East Oxford in 2006.


Drum and Sax, painted on a friend’s lounge wal in 2006


Skater Dragon

Skater Dragon, painted at the East Oxford Skateboard Ramps on Meadow Lane in 2005


Dragon Sneak

Dragon Sneak, drawn with a 4-colour woolworth’s biro, in the early 1990s


Black Dragon head

Black Dragon head, drawn with biros in the late 1990s


Green Dragon head

Green Dragon head, drawn with biros in the early 1990s


Gold Dragon Head

Gold Dragon Head, biro, early 1990s


Wounded Dragon

Wounded Dragon, drawn with a biro for a gothic short story, published in Sheherazade magazine, in the early 1990s


Dragon Kiss

Dragon Kiss, biro drawing, late 1980s


Gaia Dragon

Gaia Dragon, acrylic on denim, late 1980s

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