Cultural hegemony – illustrated in a cartoon

cult_hege_TV_by shtiggy

An illustration of the very useful concept – ‘cultural hegemony’ – as define by Antonio Gramsci, and mentioned by George Monbiot in his recent book ‘Feral’ (that proposed the rewilding of Britain). Cultural Hegemony is the tendency (mostly through self-censorship) for the main-stream media (MSM) to bombard consumers with imagery and stories that encourage us to adopt the values, attitudes and fears of the “ruling elite”.   This idea is very in-line with much of the writings of Noam Chomsky too, especially in relation to his criticism of the “main-stream media” who define the goal-posts or range of the ‘permissible debate’.

Oxford Local Food Directory 2016


The revised (2nd edition) of the most useful ‘Food Directory for Oxford’ focusing on local, ethical and non-corporate food producers and retailers near Oxford UK.  Thanks to the dedicated Martha W for meticulously updating the content, and to the decisive Hannah F for the editing, email-reading and proof-reading.  If you live in (or near) Oxford UK, I thoroughly recommend you buy one (for only £1) as soon as you can.  [Or you may just want the PDF of the whole booklet for free].  Entries are listed in order of their proximity to the centre of Oxford, to encourage people to walk or cycle for their food shopping.  Get in touch with Good Food Oxford for more information, including bulk discounts.

“Walk to school”, revised 2016 edit in two boxes


Cartoon (twisted into new two-part version) from way back to poke gentle fun at the hypocrisy of ‘needing’ new technology to protect our kids from our neighbours’ similar new technology.

BP = Climate Change = Sunken Cities : banner


Banner for the folks at BP-or-not-BP? who were stunned to discover that BP are sponsoring the new exhibition at the British Museum called Sunken Cities.  The exhibition features new archaeological findings from two underwater communities off the north coast of Egypt.  As most of us know, climate change is caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, like those sold by BP.  One of the many devastating effects of climate change is… rising sea levels that leads to… sinking cities. This banner was used to peacefully protest against this flagrant debacle.  The next day 14 daring climbers from Greenpeace UK climbed the 7 vast columns in the forecourt of the British Museum to hang seven tall banners that spoofed the BP publicity – each banner explaining how severe floods had led to 7 key cities to be recently flooded including Hebden Bridge, New Orleans and Manilla.

Get hooked – poster for Barracks Lane Community Garden


Poster for a very interesting day at my local Barracks Lane Community Garden – learn how to make your own crochet hooks, and then, after lunch, learn how to use them to make stuff with crochet.  I wonder if you can use crochet on rope or bicycle inner-tube?  Only one way to find out… try it!

BP’s cultural sponsorship: A corrupting influence – a report


This hefty 40-page report by Art-not-Oil exposes the corrupting influence that BP gets when it gives (relatively small amounts of) money to many of the UK’s most famous cultural institutions including the British Museum, the Tate, the National Portrait Gallery, the Science Museum and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  Download the report for free from the Art-not-Oil website.  We were fortunate enough to have use of some amazing photographs for this report, and were helped with activists from groups resisting BP in Mexico, Australia, the Gulf of Mexico and Egypt.

Poster and Flyer for Pedal and Post


One of my favourite local businesses, Pedal and Post use beautiful cargo bikes (8-freights) to move goods across Oxford, and a bit beyond.  This takes delivery trucks and vans off our congested roads, and reduces pollution.  They also provides healthy, fun and fairly-waged employment to a small army of young people.  I hope they thrive!

Nationalise UK Energy – infographic for We-Own-It


A summary of a very important idea – getting the UK energy sectore back into public ownership, where national and local government (and people) have control.  See more on the Energy page of their website.  It was fun to work with We OWn It – they do great research and campaigning on a wide range of important issues.

Signs for Barracks Lane Community Garden

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