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Stop Barclays banner

A 2016 banner for the week of action against Barclays Bank, who own 97% of Third Energy, who are planning to start fracking in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.   Fracking is the short name for hydraulic Fracturing – a drastic way to get trapped ‘natural gas’ out of underground rock. In the past it’s led to increased risks to underground water supplies, increased incidence of earthquakes, increased risks of spillages on the surfaces.  Many fracking rigs have been found to be leaking methane.

The logo of Barclay’s Bank is a simple blue eagle miffy_no_firds_4web– I have transformed him into a vulture wearing a sinister white hood.  The white hood, often associated with the Ku Klux Klan, is used here as a symbol of racism – to open up new supplies of fossil fuels is a terrible act of racism for while a few rich white banksters may benefit in the short-term, the rest of us will suffer from climate chaos.  And the first places to suffer the most from a warming climate are Africa, Asian and Latin America – where the poorest (and less white) people live.  These poorer regions have contributed the least to global warming.  To demand an end to fossil fuels, is to demand ‘Climate Justice‘.

The bunny is called Miffy and she cares for all life on this planet, not just the ones with money.  She sees the bigger picture and her T-shirt refers to the continuing campaign against the proposed building of a third Runway at Heathrow airport. Most flights are made by a small minority of rich white folk, heavily subsidised by tax-payers. We need to be closing airports not expanding them.  See this excellent article on airports by 10:10 here for more details.

For more info on the campaign to stop Fracking in Ryedale, see:

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