Improving homes – Public meeting poster

Poster for my local Low-Carbon group, LEAF, to help promote a FREE public meeting to help people learn about making their homes less cold, damp and leaky. I used a cartoon I drew many years ago for another project – the now closed down Energy Saving Coop.

The first thumbnail shows the risograph 2-colour version – we printed A4 and A5 copies very cheaply (and very eco-friendly).

The second thumbnail shows the full-colour version that was not printed but used in emails, blogs, tweets and on faecebook, etc.

Soil & Soul – a womens retreat – webposter

“In our Hands – seeding change” – film poster


A collapsible fold-away ruff in the shape of the BP logo, (that cute helix thingy).  This is the third one I’ve made, so far.  This one is extra strong cos the second one got broken.  The first one has been used so often it’s got a bit smelly, apparently.  These cute ‘pocket-able’ props are for the wonderful thespian-activists at ‘BP-or-not-BP‘ who target those huge cultural institutions who take blood-money sponsorship from BP (British Petroleum).  The ruff is most apt when used in theatrical protests at BP’s sponsorship of Shakesperean events.

Why do these fine centres of culture and learning allow their reputation to be tarnished by taking money from BP – the global Oil company that impoverishes communities, props up brutal tyrants, trashes ecosystems with oil-spills, silences unions and pumps out climate-wrecking emissions like there’s no tomorrow?

On a lighter note, we heard recently that the celebrated Design Museum in London would like to use one of these BP-ruffs in a forthcoming exhibition, called “Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-2018” that will start on 28th March 2018.  Cool!

‘Is your home cold?’ – flyer for Thermal imaging

A flyer for this winter’s local campaign to offer free thermal imaging scans of homes.  We made two of these flyer designs – one for the Florence Park area and another for Rosehill & Iffley.  This project is one of many organised by CAG Oxfordshire.  This flyer was printed at Oxford GreenPrint using the eco-friendly risograph press using just red and blue ink on yellow paper.

‘Sophia caught speeding in Saudi’


A tongue-in-cheek photo-montage to accompany witty and informative the End-of-Year commentary from the clever folks at ETC Group.  It plays with the bizarre visit to Saudi Arabia of Sophia, the wordl’s most advanced AI-enabled robot.

Here is the related section of the commentary from “2017: The Year of Bits, Bots and Blockchains – ETC Group’s Irreverent Year in Review“:

   As Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and the usual lineup of luminaries reissued their perennial warning about Artificial Intelligence, for ETC Group a jaw drop moment of 2017 was October 11th when the AI-enabled humanoid robot Sophia was given a platform to address the United Nations in New York (something Civil Society Organizations and social movements are rarely afforded) and then engaged uncannily in policy banter with UN Deputy Secretary Amina Mohammed.
The jaw-dropping-even-lower moment came only a few weeks later when Saudi Arabia decided to award citizenship to Sophia – a basic right that many millions of human beings are routinely denied. Important questions of democratic theory aside, it’s not yet even clear how Saudi Arabia considers the gender of its newest robot citizen. Sophia was allowed to receive citizenship without the abaya, the required head covering for women. Is ‘robot’ then a new gender? It is illegal to be transgender in Saudi Arabia, but the country turns out to be cool with differently gendered robots. Can Sophia drive a car in Saudi Arabia? (Non-robot women can’t until June 2018.)

“Golf Force 1” – geo-engineering with Trump

An photo-montage to help promote the Big Bad Fix, the new report from ETC Group, co-written by BioFuelWatch (UK) and Heinrich Boell Foundation (Germany).  The report explains the main technologies, the key players and the many reasons to resist such ‘global experimentation’.  You can download the PDF of the report for free from the ETC group website, here.

‘Working together on Climate Change & Transport’ – poster


A poster for Oxfordshire Climate Action Network to promote a public meeting to address Oxford’s response to Cliamte Change, specfically it’s tranport policy.  Over 200 folks attended and both of our new MPs spoke fairly positively.  Now we need to reverse the privatisation of Oxford’s buses, build decent cycle lanes, bring back affordable rural buses, pedestrianise Oxford city centre, refurbish the new Westgate carpark into a support centre for the homeless, promote and encourage home-working, etc.

“12 days of Christmas” – a spoof Christmas card

A giant ‘Christmas Card’ I made for Oxford Friends of the Earth to use at the 2017 Green Fair in the Oxford Town Hall.  Visitors to the fair were asked to sign the card, inside.  The Sea Green Singers, a popular community choir, sang an altered version of “the 12 days of Christmas” using the parody lyrics listed on this card.  It was quite a laugh.  A few days later the card was presented to Cllr Bob Priced, the ‘leader’ of Oxford City Council.  Meanwhile Oxford has illegally high levels of pollution, expensive (but hybrid) buses, a handful of token cycle-lanes and massive congestion.  Maybe Santa Claus can help?

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