Being & Belonging

A 4-page A4 pamphlet for The Nature Effect that introduces some great outdoor-play ideas to parents, grandparents and carers.  The pamphlet was printed by AngliaPrint – one of the greenest printers in the country.  Get in touch with The Nature Effect for more information or to get a printed copy of the pamphlet.  Or download it as a (380kb) PDF.

Green News 2017

The 2017 edition of the “Green News” for Oxfordshire Green Party.  This annual 4-page full-colour newspaper is made each autumn to help promote the Green Fair and update us on the campagins and activities of the local Green Party. Download the (550kb) PDF.

Celebrate Pat Mooney’s retirement – a poster

A farewell gift and cartoon-poster to ‘celebrate’ the retirement of Pat Mooney, founding member and executive director of the ETC Group.  The characters in the background include many of Pat’s opponents – captains of irresponsible industry, CEOs of mega-corporations, pioneers of GM technology, synthetic biology and geo-engineering.  This poster was presented to Pat at one of his retirement parties.

Recover-tree Poster

A poster I made with a friend that promotes ‘mindfulness recovery’ group work at “Turning Point“, who are helping each other move away from addiction.  Most of us have (or know someone who has) struggled with addiction – alcohol, drugs, or other substances or behaviours.  The Oxford branch is based off the Cowley Road in East Oxford and most services are free and confidential.  Turning Point does some excellent work helping folks.

Festival poster for Oxford City Farm

Harvest Festival poster for Hogacre Common

‘Stand up to oppression – Sit down to pee’

A small sign for our loo encouraging all to sit down when taking a leak.  It makes good sense when you think about it, but surprisingly many folks, …well many blokes, just don’t think about it.  Standing up at a urinal makes sense in a public toilet, but a uni-sex toilet is not a urinal.  Thanks to my good friend CK for coming up with the great slogan “Stand up to oppression – sit down to pee!”.

Car pollution web-graphic for Oxford Friends of the Earth

A simple photo-montage (or meme or web-graphic) for Oxford Friends of the Earth, used in an online campaign to call for more action in Oxford against car pollution.  Oxford City Council recently decided to work with OxFOE on a new information campaign aimed at persuading motorists to reduce “idling” their cars, especially near to schools.

Doughnut Economics – flyer for LCON

Stolen Land, Stolen Culture, Stolen Climate – a banner

Banner for the BP-or-not-BP group to assist in a protest at the British Museum in London, who were taking BP sponsorship money to pay for an exhibition of artefacts stolen from Aboriginal communitites in Australia.  This banner was a fairly accurate hand-painted copy of a banner I made two years ago, that was covered in signatures of support and posted to the indigenous campaigners in Australia.

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