A collapsible fold-away ruff in the shape of the BP logo, (that cute helix thingy).  This is the third one I’ve made, so far.  This one is extra strong cos the second one got broken.  The first one has been used so often it’s got a bit smelly, apparently.  These cute ‘pocket-able’ props are for the wonderful thespian-activists at ‘BP-or-not-BP‘ who target those huge cultural institutions who take blood-money sponsorship from BP (British Petroleum).  The ruff is most apt when used in theatrical protests at BP’s sponsorship of Shakesperean events.

Why do these fine centres of culture and learning allow their reputation to be tarnished by taking money from BP – the global Oil company that impoverishes communities, props up brutal tyrants, trashes ecosystems with oil-spills, silences unions and pumps out climate-wrecking emissions like there’s no tomorrow?

On a lighter note, we heard recently that the celebrated Design Museum in London would like to use one of these BP-ruffs in a forthcoming exhibition, called “Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-2018” that will start on 28th March 2018.  Cool!

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