BP = Climate Change = Sunken Cities : banner


Banner for the folks at BP-or-not-BP? who were stunned to discover that BP are sponsoring the new exhibition at the British Museum called Sunken Cities.  The exhibition features new archaeological findings from two underwater communities off the north coast of Egypt.  As most of us know, climate change is caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, like those sold by BP.  One of the many devastating effects of climate change is… rising sea levels that leads to… sinking cities. This banner was used to peacefully protest against this flagrant debacle.  The next day 14 daring climbers from Greenpeace UK climbed the 7 vast columns in the forecourt of the British Museum to hang seven tall banners that spoofed the BP publicity – each banner explaining how severe floods had led to 7 key cities to be recently flooded including Hebden Bridge, New Orleans and Manilla.

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