Carbon Scrubber to save the Fossil Fuel Industry (…with help from VW)

smokestack_beccs_by_shtiggyCartoon for the folks
at ETC Group, warning
of the dangers of trusting
in the unproven new
technology called CCS
(Carbon Capture and
Storage) which has had
a lot of money and hype
thown at it, but has so
far not achieved much.

For a good summary
please see this article
by Pat Mooney, director
of the ETC Group.

Apparently there are a
series of TV adverts for
VW cars that have three
elderly women fawning
over a young man and /
or a VW car.  In one of
these adverts they wave
a white hankerchief over
the exhaust pipe of a VW
car to “prove” it’s emitting
very little exhaust.

According to the Financial
Times in September 2015,
“few technologies have
so much money
thrown at
them for so
many years by
so many
governments and

companies, with such

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