Banner: Carbon Conversations

carbconv_popup_banner_mocA simple pop-up banner for the Oxford branch
of Carbon Conversations.

This initiative aims to get like-minded people
together to discuss different aspects of climate
change.  The program started in Cambridge
and is spreading across Britain and beyond.
The guardian included CC as one of its 20 most
useful UK projects to help tackle climate change.
The Oxford branch was active in 2014 and is now
expanding into new areas around Oxford.  This
banner (and some matching flyers) will hopefully
help the message spread.

From across a field or hall the beautiful images
and good clear titles can draw people over.
The paragraphs give folks a good summary
of the project, without needing to wait to ask
questions.  The banner is ‘self-supporting’ in
that if the stall-holder is off at the cafe / loo
people can still learn a lot.


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