Giant Dinosaur

A 12-foot tall collapsable Dinosaur puppet made out of salvaged materials for the student campainging network People and Planet.  This prop was made during four weekend workshops with help from several creative students.  This prop concertinas down to be quite small for easy storage and transport. It’s mounted on a back-pack so one person inside can walk around, controlling the opening and closing mouth with a pull-cord. It’s weatherproof, light and strong and we used a lot of salvaged materials that we got from our local scrapstore, Orinoco – see Orinoco are a fantastic resource!
This prop was first used on Global divestment Day – Feb 14th 2015 – where folks across the world joined together to demand an end to the Fossil-fuel age, starting with divestment – persuading institutions to disinvest in fossil fuel companies. this is part of the and the movement.


Here is a 3 minute film showing how we made the collapsable dinosaur puppet:


The wonderful Zoe Broughton made a short film of the day’s protests in Oxford which shows the Dinosaur in motion and has short interviews with several participants, and singing by the Sea Green Singers.   Here is her film:

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