Bamboo Bike Trailer


Another bike trailer, made mostly of beautiful bamboo, with a bit of plywood, PU glue, organic ECOS varnish and paint, and some reclaimed netting.  This trailer is a fair bit smaller and a lot lighter than my other bike trailers, but it’s still strong enough to carry me in it!  The wheels are 20-inch in diameter.  The two side panels are illustrated – not quite finished.  One side features a green-man gargoyle, eating my wheel!  The other side has a female face inspired by the blue-skinned people from the amazing film Avatar – the huntress who says “You is like baby!” when faced with the stupid clumsiness of the humans.  The trailer works very well as a hand-cart and stands upright like a sack-truck to take up a smaller amount of space.  I am very pleased with it and have fallen in love with bamboo – it’s a fantastic wood – so light but very strong too, and fast-growing.  More on this trailer soon, once it’s properly finished.  Below are a few more pix.



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