Bottled Fossil Fools


Cartoon that has been bubbling in my mind for a while… trying to show the link between addiction and violence – fossil-fuel and war, especially in the Middle East.  George Marshall helped with the concept of the row of bottles.  Reminds me of the excellent work of Richard Heinberg at the Post Carbon Institute whose latest book exposes the sham that is fracking – “Snake Oil“.

I read a while ago that one of the main causes of the first world war was the competition between Britain and Germany for middle Eastern oil.  Both countries were using coal to power their navy, but switching to oil was a great way to have faster battle-ships – but relied on securing supplies of oil – which just happened to be under other peoples’ sand, in the Middle East.  I am reminded of a great poem by Biff Vernon “I-will-not-commemorate-war” which is well worth a read.

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