Just imagine… Oxford City Farm …a poster / flyer


Postcard and e-card for the lovely folks at the Oxford City Farm.  This project has been rumbling on for many years, delayed by the Council.  A site in East Oxford looks likely but the bureaucracy is so slow!  When the farm eventually starts, many people will find much to learn, do and enjoy.  One concern I have is the well-being of the animals.  I am sure great efforts will be made to ensure that any animals that do live on the site will be given a very good life – far better than most farm animals.  What makes this ok, for me as a vegetarian, is that when Oxford folks, especially kids, visit these animals they will likely come to realise that these animals are sentient, feeling, may even have personalities, relationships, etc.  This is likely to help some people realise that going vegetarian or vegan is a wise move, for many reasons.

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