4 toy guns

Four fake machine-guns I made for a leading four_finished_propsLondon charity
who will soon use them in a campaign against militarism.
The skeleton of the shape is made of strong, light bamboo,
held together with strong cable-ties and gaffer tape.  Then
I used old cardboard boxes to make the bulk of the body.
Then good old papier-mache of old news-papers and a
slightly watered-down exterior PVA wood glue.  Then two
coats of PVA as a weather-proofing varnish, followed by a
final coat of black acrylic.
Many features are larger than life, partly to mock them
like a 3-D cartoon, and partly to make it clear that these
are NOT real.  None have triggers!  The pointed ends are
made of soft pillow foam to prevent an over-enthusiastic
stunt-man accidentally stabbing someone.




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