COP19 – Warsaw Climate Talks 2013 – S.N.A.F.U.


‘Greetings’ Postcard from the UN’s Climate Negotiations in Warsaw.  Representatives of Civil Society have just walked out, en mass, in protest at the lack of progress, on Thursday 21 Nov.  There is excellent coverage of the ongoing fiasco in a few places, including at the TckTckTck website, Oxfam, RTCC, and the Guardian.  For those who don’t know, SNAFU is a slang acronym, originally from the US army, that stands for “Situation Normal: All F***ed Up.  Pardon my language but this seems to be a very apt use of the phrase – the UN climate conferences (UNFCCC) have been going for over two decades with VERY little progress.  This year’s conference in Warsaw was inundated with corporate lobbyists, sponsorship from polluting corporations and very little appears to be moving forward. Over 1000 people have joined a hunger strike to put pressure on the negotiations to deliver, led by the representative from the Philippines, Yeb Sano.  The rich ‘over-developed’ countries have created most of the emissions bringing on climate chaos.  They also have the funds and the technology to fight Climate Change.  Yet they are showing very little initiative or responsibility.  This cartoon was inspired by the determined activists of the UK Youth Climate Coalition (and friends) who used their bodies to spell out “W T F ?” referring to “Where’s the Finance?” for the Green Climate Fund – an international fund to help the poorest nations defend themselves against Climate Chaos.  While the situation looks bleak, there has been much alliance-forming at Warsaw.  I hope NGOs and poorer nations can unite against the corporate take-over of the UNFCCC, and put pressure on the richer nations to get reponsible and together, act on this gravest threat to our planet’s future.

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