Hinkley C Nuclear Power Plant Postcard


Spoof postcard poking fun at the recent plan by the UK chancellor George Osborne to pay a Chinese Corporation to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.  The deal may involve a 35-year price promise where British taxpayers are forced to pay for electricity at over twice the current price of power!  The PR companies hired by the Nuclear industry are strongly pushing the “low-carbon” angle which is quite misleading.  A lot of emissions come from building the huge concrete buildings that house the Nuclear reactors.  And lots more emissions are released in the mining, processing and transport of the uranium.  Globally, uranium supply is only about 60% of demand, and future stocks will be harder to extract, so now is not a good time to start building new nuclear power stations. Nuclear power is also very expensive to set up – depriving much needed funds from efficiency efforts and renewables.  Building a nuclear power station takes over a decade – we need to replace fossil-fueled power sooner than that.  But the main reason to avoid new nuclear is just how unsafe it is!  Fukushima proved this: if a country as careful and well-organised as Japan can have such a terrible series of disasters at Fukushima we should stay clear of this dangerous technology.  For more information please see Stop Hinkley and Greenpeace International. The new Zero-Carbon Britain report is also a great source of information and it shows how we can build a fossil-free economy WITHOUT nuclear power by 2030.

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