Ground the Drones


A four-page briefing for the Drone Campaign Network (UK) was first designed in 2011 and is updated each year.  Click on the image for a larger view, or download this A4 PDF.  Drones are being used more and more by the US, but also by the UK, Israel and a few other countries.  Even police forces are using them.  In 2012 at a press launch event a Texan police drone crashed into a police armoured vehicle!  Drones make assassination very easy, unaccountable and very hard to monitor.  Drones appear to be very inaccurate.  The Drone ‘pilots’ in the ‘ChAir Force’ are often poorly trained and come from a video-gaming background, which is the antithesis of ‘fighting with honour’.  Many drone pilots are now suffering from mental health problems – killing people is not good for your soul – seeing the effects of their strikes on-screen and close-up can be quite harrowing.  But the real victims are the innocent families in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Iraq who are being killed or injured, or who live in fear as drones hover over their homes.  Several senior US officials have said that “we are making terrorists faster than we are killing them”.  There is a rising global movement against drones.  To find out more please visit Drone Wars UK, and the Drone Campaign Network, and lend your support.  A US campaigner against Drones, Brian Terrell, recently spoke in Oxford – it was a fascinating evening.  His recent article is a very good introduction to the world of drone warfare.

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