Save Port Meadow – poster

Poster for the campaign to Save Port Meadow

Poster for the campaign to Save Port Meadow

Poster for the great folks at the Campaign to Save Port Meadow.  Port Meadow is the large and much loved common land just east of Oxford, UK.  For centuries the people of oxford were allowed to visit and graze their cows and horses there.  They still do.  Recently the University of Oxford managed to manipulate the planners at the City Council to permit the building of a series of huge accommodation blocks, just next to Port Meadow, as shown in the second photo.  Visually this is a huge intrusion, and in the winter there will also be a lot of light pollution.  Many local people are outraged and the CPRE of Oxfordshire is helping to organise a judicial review – taking the University and Council to court.  This ‘development’ is yet another irresponsible act by the University and City Council.  Many people think the officials in charge should resign or be sacked.  The environment and heritage sites of Oxford should be protected.

One thought on “Save Port Meadow – poster

  1. It is a very strong campaign this – the Oxford City Council is a law unto itself and has GOT TO BE STOPPED in its tracks. The Port Meadow Campaign and the Temple Cowley Pool Campaign members are there at every council meeting, snapping at the heels of our despicable Labour-dominated Council. Join us!

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